Friday, March 10, 2006

Guest Blog: Eileen in Biloxi, MS

Hi, I'm Eileen, a sopohmore at Bonas. See my back-posts for the low-down on what i'm doing. Enjoy!

Day 4 and 5.

Wee these days. I'm really tired and blah, and haven't felt like camping out on the computer as much lately. Even if I'm just wandering around, I want to be doing that- I'll probably never get down to Mississippi again.

The dogs were a good break. I went to the Humane Society today to help out with the abandoned animals. I got dragged around a giant clearing by various huge animals, including a golden retriever (Ginger) and the most beautiful Great Dane I've ever seen (Buddy).

There were so many dogs, everything from boxer puppies to black labs. I walked dogs in the morning, outside. Then, I help at the loading dock sweeping and orginizing cages and whatnot. Next, I did laundry duty, folding and washing old towels and sheets for the puppies. The other girls got to give the new puppies baths.

I did mold again today, surprise. And I missed the sign up meeting because I took a nap. Ergo, mold duty again tomorrow. Four days of mold. They better take me to the site on a throne.

Can't complain too much. Maybe I let myself do mold because I have a mild crush on the cute hippie long-term volunteer that runs the team. Affectionately named Buckshot. Maybe. Oh, give me a break.

I like mold. We rocked out to everything from Phish to Sean Paul while working. Dance party in our Tyvek suits. And the Salvation Army provided us with lunch...tuna noodle casserole. Interesting choice for lunch, in the middle of a track and field.

The weather was gorgeous again. I'm nice and pink and freckle-y. Most of us are sporting tans, sunburns, and freckles.

Of couse it had to happen as well- Marti gra beads. Someone left a huge box of them out during dinner. I have at least a bagillion of them. Forget building houses and helping people fix thier lives, let's keep making pastic beads!! Haha. Rumor has it, I might get to go to New Orleans, because all the sites are meeting together down here for a fish-fry Friday. I hope it's there, that would be splendid.

I parused the campfire tonight too. It was nice and cozy. I can safely say it was my first campfire in the middle of March. And everyone plays guitar around here.

Gives good vibes.

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