Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Guest Blog: Eileen in Biloxi, Mississippi

Hi, I'm Eileen, a sopohmore at Bonas. See my back-posts for the low-down on what i'm doing. Enjoy!

Day 3, Tuesday.

It was the best three minutes of my life.

All day was dusty and moldy and disgusting. I couldn't believe that the houses could get much worse. The woman's home we did today was filthy, and she had no way to get to it until today. We moved her mattresses and picture frames and old diplomas and chairs and even christmas decorations onto her porch. Suited up again, we were lucky enough to get a generator this time around and had grinders to get the stuff off the wood. Little more dangerous then wire brushes, but way faster.

The woman who owned the house was darling, wicked friendly and appreciative. She told us the horrible sotry about how she's been handling everything the last months. She fled to her cousins house first when the storm was coming, and eventually after hopping around to relatives got a FEMA trailer to put in her yard. She's stilla waiting insurance claims, and has no idea if and when she'll be able to move into her house and out of her side lawn.

I found out today the mold removal process we are doing could cost people up to 15 grand if they had someone professionally do it. That made me feel lots better and a little more purposeful. No one we're doing this for could ever afford that.

I'm so tired, i'm taking a break tomorrow and walking dogs at the humane society.

Food was decent tonight, they attempted asian. I suppose A for effort, it was more like meat and noodles with optional soy sauce. But it's all good.

Le tired, night.

AHHHH, the mosquitoes here are ginormous. One just flew into the light of my computer screen and gave me a heart attack.

Oh, the best three minutes? I too a shower tonight in the outdoors. I could see the stars. And, it was hot water, blessed hot water. It gets a bit cold at night around here. I scraped off at least three inches of dirt and grime off me. Best shower of all time, believe me.

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