Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Recovering from the Peru Earthquake - TIME

Recovering from the Peru Earthquake - TIME:
"The most recent official statistics from the National Civil Defense Institute put the number of dead at 503, with 1,042 people injured. The earthquake destroyed 34,410 homes, leaving more than 100,000 people homeless. The institute announced on Sunday that it no longer expected to find any more survivors...."

Monday, August 20, 2007

Hands On Disaster Response

Hands On Disaster Response:
"Hands On Disaster Response is accepting new members. If you would like to join, please use the form below to request an invitation from the network creator."
What a cool site! Sort of like Facebook or Myspace but for Handson.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Don't Forget Hurricane Katrina and Rita Victims! Petition

Don't Forget Hurricane Katrina and Rita Victims! Petition:
"Two years after the devastation brought on by Hurricane Katrina and Rita, the Gulf Coast is still hurting. Tens of thousands still live in temporary housing. Schools are closed. Businesses are struggling. Continued neglect threatens to leave people poor and more at risk. With politicians... suffering from 'Katrina amnesia,' the current presidential candidates have a renewed chance to bring the Gulf Coast the help it needs. Let's make sure the new leadership in the White House recognizes that, even though the issue isn't on the front pages anymore, the recovery is NOT over."

Hands On Disaster Response

Hands On Disaster Response:
"HODR Operations Director, Marc Young will be making a trip to Peru early next week to see if and how HODR can help in the disaster recovery efforts. Long-term volunteer Stefanie Chang who assisted Marc in setting up the Philippines project will be accompanying him and supporting our assessment efforts."

Friday, August 17, 2007

Priest describes moment quake hit church in Peru - Times Online

Priest describes moment quake hit church in Peru - Times Online:
"We had just driven into the car park. The lights just banged out. The car just started jumping all over the place. Walls started falling all around us. People just beside us were hanging on to an electricity pole,” he told The Times. “It lasted two and a half minutes, but it seemed like an eternity. “I knew we were at the centre of it when it was happening because I have felt earthquakes before. People were shouting in doorways for their loved ones, pulling back rubble looking for loved ones,” he said. “It was just devastating, horrible.”"

Saturday, August 11, 2007

SunHerald.com : FEMA takes back $4.5M

SunHerald.com : FEMA takes back $4.5M:
"FEMA has taken back $4.5 million in funding left over from the expired Project Recovery crisis counseling program in spite of repeated requests from state officials and legislators that the remaining funds be used for the Coast's beleaguered public mental-health treatment facilities. FEMA spokesman Eugene Brezany said that government officials insist on interpreting a rule in the Stafford Act, which governs FEMA's response to disasters, as meaning that they will not provide or assist with mental health treatment in any way for disaster victims."
Is anyone surprised?

Friday, August 10, 2007

Pollution around New Orleans

While it is debatable whether this is strictly hurricane related or not, it is a definite problem and there are enough Katrina references to warrant its inclusion:

From Living on Earth: (you can listen to the entire thing here)

"It may be too early to say whether the flooding dealt a mortal blow to this community. A few pre-Katrina neighborhood anchors have returned, and lightened people's hearts....But it's clear that a place that was hardscrabble before, is even harder now..

LOBET: American refineries have been running full bore, even before the 2005 hurricanes that took several offline, including Chalmette. To meet growing demand, refinery owners around the country have expanded capacity at existing plants rather than build new ones, in part because getting a permit for a new refinery is so difficult. Howard Feldman is with the American Petroleum Institute.

FELDMAN: Everybody wants the fuels, and nobody wants the refinery nearby. There are tradeoffs obviously.

LOBET: With plants running at capacity, equipment failures and accidental releases of pollutants are more common. Two years ago a federal judge in New Orleans ruled Chalmette refinery had released illegal amounts of benzene into the air more than 1200 times in the two preceding years."

And some more on Katrina recovery:
"Ford gestures at the FEMA trailers that still edge out of driveways here. Empty houses once worth 110 thousand dollars, now offer themselves up for 40 thousand as sellers pray for a buyer, a miracle. He shows a visitor past his gutted-out house to where a small frame building lists sideways."

Monday, August 06, 2007

Hands On Gulf Coast

Hands On Gulf Coast:
"During the week of August 26th, we will commemorate the 2-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. This will also be a week when we honor our Hands On Gulf Coast Alumni. We invite all individuals who have volunteered with us in the past to join us during the week of the 26th - 31st as we participate in special service projects and other activities"
I wish school weren't going then :(

Saturday, August 04, 2007

City, FEMA Won't Say Why Family's Home Torn Down - Yahoo! News

City, FEMA Won't Say Why Family's Home Torn Down - Yahoo! News:
"Jason Banks got his trash hauled away, obtained a building permit, gutted his Ninth Ward home and was ready to renovate.But then, the brick house vanished, reduced to a slab in an unwanted demolition.

'I was heartbroken. I was in tears. I was furious,' he said."