Sunday, May 31, 2009

How Oxidative Stress May Help Prolong Life

How Oxidative Stress May Help Prolong Life:
" suggests why humans may actually be able to prolong the aging process by regularly exposing our bodies to minimal amounts of oxidants."....

This finding may explain recent studies suggesting that eating less may, in fact, raise ROS levels – and, in doing so, provide protection from acute doses of oxidants. This is counter to the hypothesis that caloric restriction extends lifespan in some species because it reduces ROS produced as a by-product of the energy regenerated by mitochondria.

'It may be that adaption to oxidative stress is the main factor responsible for the lifespan-expanding effects of caloric restriction,' said Ideker.
On my FinanceProfessorblog I have a category of papers called I^3. It stands for Important, Informative, and Interesting. This one would definitely fit! Really makes us think about what we know on many levels. READ THE ARTICLE!

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