Sunday, February 19, 2006

The tragedy of the Tivoli: Katrina claimed at least 9

Just read them. I can not add any more.

The Sun Herald | 02/19/2006 | The tragedy of the Tivoli: Katrina claimed at least 9:

a few look-ins

"For months, the Tivoli stayed on the back burner of attention, lost among so many Katrina stories. But as Sun Herald staffers wrote 'We Remember' features on each of 169 known Katrina victims, they realized the Tivoli played a role in at least nine deaths, the most in one location."
""The Aug. 29 storm used a Grand Casino barge as the battering ram to assault the old hotel, but much of its brick tower still stands, which allowed at least four to take refuge there."
and elsewhere in the article:
"The dead can't talk. The living disappear, or rarely speak publicly if they remain in the region. Sometimes survivor memories are conflicting. That is the way of tragedy retellings, but their stories are no less real, no less poignant.

'The only point that I'm trying to make is that if they tell you to evacuate, you do it,' said Porter. 'That's the only reason I'm talking - if it will help one person, if it will save one life.'

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