Friday, April 07, 2006

Hurricane Relief From Abroad Was Mishandled - New York Times

Hurricane Relief From Abroad Was Mishandled - New York Times:
"Thousands of ready-to-eat meals donated by governments, as well as loads of medicine, were never used, because officials learned only after they arrived in the United States that they did not meet federal health standards. Instead of distributing the supplies, the federal government spent $60,000 to store them.

Of the $126 million in cash donations received, only about $10.5 million has been spent. Nearly half sat in a noninterest-bearing account until last month, when it was transferred to the Department of Education for a grant program to help damaged schools and colleges, although no grants have yet been awarded."

I just can't think of anything to add to this one...pathetic. I really wonder how bad the food was. People were starving and we didn't distribute it because why?

The money I can see, but at least earn some interest on it!!!

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