Thursday, April 27, 2006

PC(USA) - Presbyterian Disaster Assistance - Stories of hope - Katrina/Rita stories

Gary just sent me the following is really interesting to see how much the time in the gulf has affected people AND how much good has come out of it down there!

PC(USA) - Presbyterian Disaster Assistance - Stories of hope - Katrina/Rita stories: "Stories of hope: Presbyterians respond to bring hope following Hurricanes/Rita"

He also provided some numbers from the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA):

"Katrina Recovery - Quick Numbers To Date
* Over 25,000: the number of uninsured or underinsured homes that still need work.

* Over 10,000: the number of volunteers to visit the Mississippi coast to assist with the recovery efforts through PDA.

*Over 4,000: the number of PDA volunteers to work during the spring break month of March.

* Over 1500: the number of casseroles prepared and delivered by the Presbyterian Women to feed those hungry volunteers.

*Over 1200: the number of houses that have been worked on by PDA volunteers.

*Over 300: the number of houses re-roofed.

*2: the team of George and Linda Bates who continue to work tirelessly for the PDA to coordinate their recovery effort on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

*1: the number of work teams currently booked for March of 2007"
The last one may be the most scary!

Thanks Gary and to all the volunteers THANKS!!! and keep up the great work!

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