Monday, January 24, 2005

Random topics2 squared #3

I hope thinks get into a better rhythm this week. First week of classes plus weather made last week very choppy. Not a bad week, but hard to get anything done…When shoveling, extra driving (River Road was closed for three Days), extra time to dress and undress, pack, etc. are included, I figure the winter weather cost an extra 15-18 hours last week. The low here was minus 8 Fahrenheit and we got about 15 inches. Sure it was worse elsewhere, but bad enough. I guess it makes us all appreciate warm weather more!

The New England Patriots look awfully good….I hope Jerome Bettis does come back…THis year's new RAAM video is now online. Jim Lampley is the host again. I still can not imagine that race, I think I now know what is too much.

There may be sadder songs/video's than Martina McBride’s “God’s Will” but I can not think of many...I am about 80% done with Big Russ and Me, it is good. Not the best book ever, but interesting. I especially like it since it is about Buffalo.

Well out of time.

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