Saturday, January 08, 2005

Random topics2 squared

I always like the random stories in newspapers, so here are some largely random thoughts…

The Tsunami disaster is so beyond words that I can not even imagine it….CNN and in particular Anderson Cooper is doing a great job covering this disaster….CBS should make him their anchor...I am really sick of so-called religious people even suggesting such a calamity is because of “Allah’s” or “God’s” or any other deity you chose is mad....Times like this make me wish I were an MD. 155,000 deaths is an enormous and terribly tragic number, but an estimated 59 million died in WWII…stop and think about that for a minute…59,000,000. Amazing, horrific…WW II would be reported vastly differently now. I do not think concentration camps would be allowed for so long now due to more coverage. At least I hope!

Less serious stuff:
Winter’s snow, ice, and wind are worse than the cold….flickr and other photo sites are much better than emailed photos…The Atlantic 10 is struggling this year….

The Mets getting Beltran would be a major upset…I hope PSU’s football signings live up to their expectations…SBU’s Richter Center should open the other doors and get more spray bottles…Aqua Teen Hunger Force is hilarious….I finished A Walk in the Woods today…I am reading Marv Levy’s book now and several others…more later

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