Monday, January 23, 2006

Hands On USA :: Rebuilding Communities. Rebuilding Lives.

Hands On USA :: Rebuilding Communities. Rebuilding Lives.: "Director's Report: 120 Days on the Gulf Coast
January 14, 2005"
"Many of you know the only constant at Hands On USA is change and this directors report is keeping with that theme in many ways. My name is Marc A.Young (aka. 'scuba') and I am the newest Operations Director at Hands On USA. I look forward to continuing my work with Dave and with Darius in the daily coordination of HOUSA activities. As each month passes we add new and varied projects to our menu of services provided to this area and December was huge. The goal was to help the community regain some small sense of normalcy and move into a hopeful outlook for 2006. Thanks y'all for your support."

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