Friday, January 06, 2006

Response to a friend's email

I just thought you might be interested in the response I gave to a friend's email. He asked how things were going in MS:

"I could go on for have to get downhere...still beyond
words...drove about 50-60 miles of is gone...not damaged,
gone. I talked to a guy who has been here for 4 months (from
Boston) he said there were about 350,000 homes were far in all
of his travels, he has seen 7 new Now obviously there are many
more than seven but the idea that we are anywhere near recovered is beyond
ludicrous. FEMA trailers are MUCH more widespread than on our first trip, but we have to remember a FEMA trailer is not the end. It means their house is still not livable.

It is just a nightmare....I so much wish I could have stayed longer.
Indeed, I am envious of those who can. But I guess having a job is a good
thing too. LOL.

The weird thing is that helping is so much fun. I don't get it. I always tell my classes if I were to win the lottery, I would definitely continue teaching. I think I have to reword that now. If I were to win the lottery, I would take a year off to spend down there (and maybe a month or two to hike on AT or bike cross country), but then go back to teaching. the blog and listen to the podcasts if you get a chance...I almost
guarantee I will be going back down at some point this summer too...(in addition to March)


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