Monday, March 13, 2006

An "anonymous" post on the trip

I did not get permission to use this, so I will not list his/her name.

"Helloooooo and welcome back to rainy, dreary St. Bonaventure. Haha.

"I'm hooked.

I've already set a date to get back to Biloxi-- the Saturday after the last day of exams. I've also recruited a good crew from home to come with me. I was wondering if you had the number to Hands On, because I'm assuming I'll probably have to let them know when I'm coming and how many I'm bringing.

That aside, I guess I just want to thank you for making this opportunity available, because it was truly life-changing. I mean, I knew before we left that there would be no way I could regret the experience. But I also didn't have any way of expecting the many ways one week down there could affect me to the point that as we were loading the bus, I was thinking, "Maybe I could just hide in my tent. They'd never know, they'd never miss me. Who needs a college degree anyways?"

My life is in such a different persepective right now it's almost a little unnerving."

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