Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Buffalo News - Unique spring break says a lot about kids

Tom Missel in today's Buffalo News on the trip:

Buffalo News - Unique spring break says a lot about kids:
"The 2003 basketball scandal might have emotionally drained the campus community for a short time, but it never made folks here waver from their mission: to teach students how they can best serve the world with a perfect blend of intelligence and compassion. (The full-blown mission statement is a tad wordier, but that pretty much sums it up.)

What this remarkable trip revealed to me was a hidden truth about Bona students. They might have cell phones glued to their ears and might not own any pants without holes. But they also have hearts bigger than the Grinch's that Christmas Day, bursting with a passion to help others I didn't believe possible on such a grand scale - more than 200 students on a campus of just over 2,000."

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