Thursday, March 23, 2006

A thank-you from a fellow volunteer

I do not have permission from the author (yet) so I will withhold his name, but I received this email today that really made my day. While he is writing on his experiences in Biloxi, I am sure there are people who could be saying the same things in Long Beach, Bay St. Louis, New Orleans, and St. Bernard's Parish. THANKS PEOPLE!!!

The email:
"My wife and I were in Biloxi the same week as some of your students skipped 'Spring Break' to perform a Service Break. I was working on a home up the street beside the house they were working on. They did a super job and it was a very strenuous one that a lot of older persons would not have been able to perform as well as they did. Yes, there were a lot of emotions involved.

I bought a gallon of drink and a box of cookies for them and just left it w/o saying much. They kept thanking me for it but I could only thank them for what they were giving of themselves.

After returning home yesterday I thought it would be appropriate that I donate some money in their (your students) honor. I would need their group name or some designation so they would receive some notice or at least they or their group/s, be made aware an honor was bestowed. The work we were doing was thru the Back Bay Mission a United Church of Christ unit in Biloxi who performs different community assistance programs, i.e. for the homeless, energy assistance, counseling, helping elderly, etc., year round. The money would be donated to Back Bay Mission."

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