Thursday, March 09, 2006

Thursday AM update from Biloxi--Written

You know it is a good trp when you begin dreading its end. That is where I find myself. Wednesday Morning it began to hit me: we are only going to be here a few more days.

A few very fast updates:r

* Great news, I THINK we have arranged a home for the donated hopsital beds. Thanks NATE!

* I know the need the tax revenue, but it is sad to see towering casinos along side destroyed homes.

* The audio updates are so cool. Be sure to try them out!

* Mike Kasperski (New Orleans), Fr. Bob (SBP), Pauline Hoffmann(SBP) and their bus driver Calvin toured all of the camps and got a tour of the Biloxi area.

* Meghan arranged an interview with the Mayor of Gulfport.

* Brother Ed left just now (9:00 AM on Thursday). It is so sad to leave. It is even sad when friends leave. I did not know him at all before this trip planning began but what a cool guy. If you don't know him, you should make a big effort to meet him!

* It is sad to see people picking through the debris that has been put at curbside.

* 177 Lee is now a three day gutting job. It is a duplex that is really taking some time. In spite of the hard work, it has been a fun time.

* Rain is promised but has not come.

* The truck with the baseball equipment and the books is scheduled to arrive in Bay St. Louis by 12:00 today. Books will be distributed today in BSL, Friday in Biloxi.

* I ran three times yesterday!! I had only planned two, but at 10pm, when Bill Driscoll called to run, I could not say no.

* Fr. Dan came in for the rest of the week. He is doing the street crew today.

More later!!! I am finally going back out after a few hours of "office catch-up"


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