Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Online NewsHour: Rebuilding the Gulf Coast | PBS

This was filmed when we were there! Unfortunately the audio is all that is online right now but listen anyway!

The Online NewsHour: Rebuilding the Gulf Coast | PBS:
"An organization called Hands on Network has brought students from a $35,000-tuition prep school in New Jersey to Biloxi, Miss. to help gut homes destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.

The student volunteers say the experience has changed the way they look at their own lives and the things they take for granted."
While the focus is on Lawrenceville, UVA and SBU were also mentioned!

Mmm, I guess it's true, I really do have a face for radio. Not sure why the video is not online. (I am the one yelling "who is going to 632 Division?" and also making the speech near the end.)

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