Friday, March 24, 2006

Handson on MTV! 4pm Saturday

This airs Saturday at 4PM eastern time. I saw parts of it being filmed. They worked with Handson out of Biloxi.

The Sun Herald | 03/14/2006 | Spring break? Amazing!:
"MTV News will bring worldwide viewers to Biloxi ...with daily reports about the network's alternative spring break, which is under way right now.

Its focus is more than 60 college students on MTV's 'The Amazing Break' as they gut and clean mold-infested structures in East Biloxi to help homeowners be able to eventually move back in.

A full documentary about the effort premieres Saturday, March 25, on MTV. The MTV group is among thousands of spring breakers from throughout the nation who are devoting their time off to Katrina recovery efforts.

About 4,000 students applied for 'The Amazing Break,' which is MTV's first venture into an alternative spring break, and 100 were chosen. About 36 went to Foley, Ala., to work on houses still damaged from Hurricane Ivan in 2004."

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