Sunday, March 12, 2006

Two sad updates

Both of these are sad.

1. Mrs. Keenan (Maureen Keenan-LeBoeuf's mom) died today. Maureen worked with us in Biloxi and went way beyond the call of duty!

2. Jerre (who Maureen worked tirelessly for) also died today. Jerre was the person who was living in a van. Surely, he will not officially count as a Katrina Death, but just as surely, Katrina played a major role in his death.

Dr. Bob has visited with him on Saturday AM and reported that he (Jerre) was alert and talking about how it comforted him so that these "angels" were caring for him.

Thanks "guys" for making his last days on earth more comfortable.

Dr. Bob sent this update:
"Jerre passed away at the VA hospital about 4 pm yesterday. In medical speak he had end-stage respiratory disease and a bad heart; the final event was probably a massive pulmonary embolus. He never woke up after that first arrest on Saturday evening.

In the speak of compassionate and concerned friends and volunteers, Jerre died of a 'broken heart'. Diseased, despondant, and discouraged, his last 3 days of life were brightened by those angels of mercy who descended upon him with compassion and eased the accumulated, heart-breaking, suffering he endured since Katrina. The only miraculous thing here, is that he endured so long, against such odds that would fell a healthy giant. His last words to me on Saturday morning, when he was "feeling so much better", were : "take good care of yourself now, ya hear !"

This humbled and devastated man gave US, so much more than WE were able to give him. Now, he is finally at rest.

There is more to do here for the faithful - y'all come back ."

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Jonathan said...

Dr. Bob called the VA trying to get Jerre oxygen. On the way back to his van Jerre seemed unconcerned that he didn't have his oxygen but was deeply moved that Dr. Bob "fought for me, he fought for me."

What would Jesus do? What Dr. Bob did.