Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Public lifelines to knowledge in crisis - The Clarion-Ledger

Vastly underreported in the frenzy about the baseball and softball equipment collections that BonaResponds did, has been the book collections. Led by Becky Kessler and Emily Meehan and with the help of surrounding schools (Archbishop Walsh, Allegany, and Otto Eldred Elementary) "we" collected about 3,500 books that went to Biloxi's Pass Road Elementary for dispersal to the surrounding communities.

As the following shows, these books were very much needed!

Public lifelines to knowledge in crisis - The Clarion-Ledger:
"The Mississippi Library Commission estimates public library damages at $24 million for facilities and $15 million for library materials, furniture and equipment, according to the American Library Association.

According to the association, 73 elementary schools and 64 junior high and high school libraries were damaged or destroyed. They lost $32 million worth of books and $6 million worth of other supplies."

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