Sunday, March 26, 2006

Tight squeeze: Life inside FEMA trailer

Remember, right now there are thousands and thousadnds living in just such conditions and many in worse.

Tight squeeze: Life inside FEMA trailer:

"The new normal is the norm for many others these days. The Federal Emergency
Management Agency has provided travel trailers or mobile homes to more than
36,000 families in Mississippi since Katrina slammed the Gulf Coast on Aug. 29.
Most families have their trailers set up on the remnants of their
hurricane-battered property - just like the McKays.

The McKays are living in two FEMA trailers in front of the skeletal remains of their 3,000-square-foot,
ranch-style home. Gus, a city official in nearby Bay St. Louis, shares one with
his wife and their two daughters. Their 23-year-old son, Gus III, a policeman,
shares the other with his 79-year-old grandmother.

Sure, it's crowded. But that's only a fraction of their problems."

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