Sunday, March 05, 2006

Time to get to work!

Well the buses are here (they arrived this evening) and tomorrow the fun begins! It really is amazing to see so many Bona people here.

In Biloxi we just shopped for about 150 people. It was not as much fun as you would suspect. LOL...

Tomorrow we are having a picnic in Hancock County to give te little leagues their equipment. Also we are doing about 7 or 8 different jobs at out Biloxi site. Everything from molding abatement (which is what I think I am doing) to more house gutting, to administration, to preparing breakfast and lunch.

I haev had several people ask what has changed, so a VERY brief list:
  1. Wood walkways reduce the dirt getting into the building.
  2. Third stairway is completed
  3. Streets are MUCH cleaner
  4. No more Free Lunches. No MREs so Lunch is whatever leftovers we have plus sandwiches etc.
  5. The Humans Societ moved today.
  6. Quieter at lights out.
  7. Braclets to ID everyone.
What has not changed:
Many really cool people are doing tons of reallly good work!

Much of today was spent running erands and waiting for the buses. Although we did get to shop for 160 people.

It is always exciting to see others from past trips. Ran into Bill Driscoll (Sr.) tonight.

well I am exhausted and tomorrow we have to prep breakfast, so I better get going.

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