Tuesday, March 14, 2006

From shelter to food, Katrina help arrives when needed

From shelter to food, Katrina help arrives when needed:
"This is Miami Beach compared to what it was six months ago,” says alderman Chipper McDermott, as he drives around what remains of his town, which had a population of around 6,500 before Katrina.

“When all that help and all those volunteers first came, that seems like a hundred years ago to me.”
“Camille blew harder,” thinks McDermott, “but it didn’t bring as much water with it.”

Ultimately, water was the fatal blow that doomed so many homes in the area.....

In the Timber Ridge section of Pass Christian, out of 400 homes, not even one was in livable condition after Katrina. Even houses that weren’t shredded or lifted off their foundations were too saturated with water to be considered intact."

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